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Food & Dining in Uzbekistan

Uzbek cuisine is simple but tasty. Grilled meat (primarily mutton), rice, and fresh fruit and vegetables are the staples of most meals. Try the national dish, plov (pilaf), which is rice fried and cooked in mutton fat with a variety of ingredients. Other dishes include shashlik (shish kebab), manti (mutton dumplings), laghman (meat and noodle stew), chorpa (soup) and samsa (meat or vegetable-filled pastries). Non (a round loaf of bread) is served with every meal. Depending on the season, you're likely to enjoy a range of fruit and nuts, including pomegranates, apricots, grapes and melons.

Popular beverages include koumiss (fermented mare's milk) and kalik (a sweet-and-sour yogurt-based drink). Choy (tea) is drunk throughout the day. Green tea is most commonly served, but you can also request black tea. Bottled water and soda drinks as well as beer, vodka and other alcoholic drinks are widely available at street stalls.

In Tashkent, there is a growing number of restaurants with international cuisine, five or six local fast food establishments, and many average restaurants offering Uzbek or Russian dishes. There are also a number of restaurants that serve Korean food (Stalin transported many Koreans from their home in the east of the former Soviet Union, believing them to be a security threat). There is a hard-currency restaurant at the top of the Hotel Uzbekistan in Tashkent that serves Chinese and Korean food.





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