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Getting Around in Uzbekistan

By Air

Uzbekistan Airways ( flies to all the major towns and cities in Uzbekistan on a regular basis. Destinations include Andijan, Karshi, Namangan, Navoi (which is 45 minutes by bus from Bukhara), Nukus, Samarkand, Tashkent and Termez. Tickets can be bought at the Uzbekistan Airways ticket agency opposite the Hotel Russia on Shota Rustaveli in Tashkent or at the departure terminal of the airport. International flights booked in Tashkent should be paid for in US Dollars although some credit cards are accepted. It is preferable to pay for domestic flights in Uzbek Som.

Approximate flight times from Tashkent to Termez is one hour 20 minutes, to Nukus is two hours, to Samarkand is 40 minutes, to Navoi is one hour and to Namangan is one hour 40 minutes.

By Rail

There are 3400 km (2113 miles) of railways linking Termez, Samarkand, Bukhara, the Fergana Valley and Nukus. There are two railway stations in Tashkent – North and South. The Trans-Caspian Railway traverses the country from Chardzhou in Turkmenistan via Kagan (near Bukhara), Samarkand and Dzhizak, where the railway branches off to serve the capital, Tashkent. Passengers should store valuables under the bed or seat, and should not leave the compartment unattended. Tickets can be bought on the ground floor of the Hotel Locomotif or at the OVIR office at the station.

By Road

The Republic of Uzbekistan is served by a reasonable road network. Traffic drives on the right. As many of the street names have changed since independence, it is also advisable to ascertain both the old and the new street names when asking directions.


Services connect all the major towns within Uzbekistan and are cheap and fairly reliable.

Car Rental

Cars can be rented by the trip, by the hour or by the day or week. None of the major international car rental companies operate in Tashkent. Where car rental is available, it will include a driver.

Documentation: An International Driving Permit will be required when renting a car.

Urban Transportation

Tashkent is served by taxis, buses, trolleybuses, trams and the only underground in Central Asia. The underground network has been expanded making it 47 km (19 miles) long. There are now three lines: Chilanzar, Uzbekistan and Yunusabad. Public transport is cheap and generally reliable.

Taxis and cars for rent can be found in all major towns. It is safer to use officially marked taxis, although many taxis are unlicensed. Travellers are advised to agree a fare in advance, and not to share taxis with strangers.

Don't expect western-style taxi services. Traffic in Tashkent is crazy and unpredictable. Taxi drivers will often smoke while you are in the car and asking them not to will most often result in nothing more than a look of disapproval. You may be paying, but you are in their taxi.





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