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Uzbekistan Healthcare

Healthcare is considered to be one of the prime concerns of the Uzbek Government. According to the constitution, Uzbeks enjoy the right to free medical service rendered by different state medical establishments like state hospitals, polyclinics and first aid stations.

The expenditure of healthcare is financed by the state and makes up 9.9 % of the gross budget expenditures. A survey of 1998 shows an estimation of 1175 hospitals in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The total amount of the beds available for the Uzbeks counted up to 187 beds for every 10,000 people. One physician per 295 people and over 3,000 polyclinics operated in the country.

The state is now promoting better medicines and equip-mental supports in the private clinics network. Presently about 59 private hospitals and a total number of 15,000 beds are functioning in Uzbekistan.

Approximately 3,000 physicians hold the licence for private practice. From the beginning of 2001, the system of medical insurance has been introduced in Uzbekistan. Special health cases are given intensive care and personal attention by doctors. In 1998, Uzbekistan set up a urology centre and in December 1997 the first group of patients were admitted to the Rehabilitation Centre of Navoi. It is advisable that tourists take an immunisation against hepatitis A. The health welfare centres receive ample co operation from the Ministry of Health in Uzbekistan.

Health in Uzbekistan is given serious importance because of the possibility of various diseases in the dry and coarse weather conditions in the country. The government takes every precaution and measures to save the country from any mass infection.





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