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Shopping in Uzbekistan

The best place to experience Central Asia is in the bazaars. The bazaars of Tashkent and Samarkand offer goods ranging from herbs and spices to Central Asian carpets. In the Alaiski Bazaar in Tashkent, it is possible to buy decorated Uzbek knives. Silk is still produced in the country and well-priced silks can be bought at large department stores. Many museums have small shops which sell a variety of modern reproductions and some original items. It is possible to buy carpets and embroidered wall hangings.

Bukhara is famous for its gold embroidery, and visitors can buy elaborately embroidered traditional Uzbek hats. Visitors should be aware that it is illegal to export anything more than 100 years old or items which have a cultural significance.

Samarkand's Registan also houses a number of small touristy shops within the madrassas, but the selection and prices aren't nearly as good as in Bukhara.

Bargaining is expected but requires some language skills; don't be shy about offering to pay what you feel something is worth to you.

Saligokh Street, known locally as 'Broadway', has some street artists, etc. Recently, modern designer fashion and shops selling luxury goods from famous international brands have started to appear in Tashkent. Catering for the wealthy, these can be found in the Broadway Area, Amir Temur Street and Pushkin Street.

Shopping hours are generally 9 am-6 pm, Monday-Saturday.





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