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Uzbekistan Immigration Information Work Permit

Companies with foreign employees in Uzbekistan must obtain a foreign labour licence from the Agency on Foreign Labour Migration Issues. A licensed company must also obtain a work permit (confirmation) from the Agency for each foreign employee.

In order to obtain licenses, employers must apply to the territorial office of the Agency with copies of labour contracts, proper forms, medical certificates and proof of payment of appropriate fees. Some categories of foreign workers are exempt from the licensing. The Agency should issue a foreign labour licence within 30 days from the date of submission of all required documents.

The procedure for issuing work permits for foreign employees is similar to the procedure for obtaining foreign labour licences.

A foreign labour licence and/or employee's work permit are valid for no more than one year. The fee for a foreign labour licence is 10 times the minimum monthly wage. There is no fee for an employee's work permit.

Foreigners working in representative offices are excluded from the foreign labour licence and work permit requirements. But each foreigner working in a representative office must obtain an individual accreditation card from the Ministry for foreign economic relations, investments and trade.

Employment of nationals and foreign citizens in Uzbekistan is regulated by the Labour Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Labour relations are regulated by collective agreements and individual employment contracts. Employment contracts must meet the standards prescribed by Uzbek law. Written employment contracts are compulsory and are usually valid for an unlimited period. Fixed-term contracts, either for five years or less, or for the duration of a project, are possible under certain conditions.

Notice of dismissal under a fixed-term contract must be provided no later than one week after the last day of the contract, otherwise the contract will be regarded as having been confirmed and the appointment made permanent. Employees are protected against instant dismissal, except in cases of drunkenness, theft and "immoral activity". Dismissal for other reasons, such as incompetence, must be preceded by a history of under-performance and a minimum of three reprimands. It is recommended that job descriptions be given to all staff, and that they be informed of the disciplinary procedures in force at the enterprise.

Foreign and local companies may hire employees directly, without using employment or recruitment agencies.





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